How We Help

We help you to work most effectively. We help you foster trusting collaboration and strengthen your ability to use the valuable tools in practice.

Effective Collaboration at Work

Do you know the feeling of being part of an open and trusting collaboration, where everyone works in the same direction, sharing access to available resources, and above all,  encourage an open environment find solutions to problems by solved in openness to everyone’s best? A site that provides good energy and great results? Here’s how we think it should be in all places, and it can be, if ye will work seriously on it together with us.

Stronger Leadership

Do you know where the company is going and what results you want to achieve? As leader in the company, you need to communicate and show the way in practice. Carlsen&E helps leaders and leadership groups with their personal development and cooperation. The better a leadership group is to take up long-term sustainable decisions in transparency, the better decisions and actions will be taken elsewhere in the organisation. We are the ones who can develop their personal leadership and support a trusting collaboration among all.

Employee Engagement in the Workplace

Do you usually end your working day with the thought, did I really do all that I know and can today? Engaged employees create miracles. Their energy and competences are focused on the objectives set by the company, and they chip in and contribute with everything they have. To do that, your people need both clear goals and a wide range of collaboration skills to achieve objectives. We help by delivering a wide range of collaboration skills to promote a positive and curious work environment.

Where We Help

We’ll get you where you are. There will always be some places in your company where leaders, teams and employees make the best of each other, and elsewhere, where something needs to be done to release full potential. We listen to your own analysis of what you need and adapt our efforts to your particular situation. We promise, of course, to challenge you on the way.

Executive Leadership

The management has a responsibility to ensure a clear and meaningful strategy. It is done through thorough strategy work, effective communication and by showing the way itself. Carlsen&E will be able to get a little bit of a good job when there’s collaboration on the strategic agenda.

Matrix Organizations

The matrix structure has caused problems. The intermediate leaders will have more bosses and the relevant strategies are blocked by silo-minds. Carlsen&E is going to get all the way to make it all play, so clients, speed and innovation height growing.


The leader’s, project team, teams with engineers, teams with homeowners, teams with opinions. Carlsen&E will be able to develop, develop, lead and dissolve effective teams so that they can solve the task they are in the world for.

Virtual Collaboration

Collaboration often brings us in situations where we are to call and decide without even being even in the same room. Carlsen&E will be able to become as effective as possible when the reality is virtual.

What Our Clients Say