Radical Collaboration® workshop – in English

Who is training the workshop?

Eva Stenby

Eva is a management consultant, engineer and E * MBA specializing in leadership and team development, negotiation and trustful cooperation. She is a certified trainer in the methods of Radical Collaboration® and The Human Element® with many years of experience as a leader and teacher.

Magdalena Helander

Magdalena instructs in J-G-L (Equality, Gender and Leadership), THE (The Human Element) and Radical Collaboration. Specializes in the internal life of businesses; that is, exploring how our relations function, to better be able to handle the outside of the business – what we do and how we organize. Magdalena’s starting point is faith in people’s inherent resources, as well as motivation and consciousness as a driving force for sustainable, successful change as well as increased efficiency and profitability.


When: June 18-20, 2018

WhereHotell Gässlingen, 239 30 Skanör

Fee: 17,000 DKK, includes room and board. VAT not included

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What do you get out of the workshop?

RC – Radical Collaboration helps participants to negotiate conflicts of interest and develop their skills in preventing and dissolving ineffective conflicts. RC provides methods to gradually initiate, operate, and close negotiations and relationship building.

The program is based on a unique combination of ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ methods through experience-based learning!

The harder method part is based on interest-based problem solving. It is a method and approach to reaching agreements in which both parties feel respected and have their interests met. It develops our ability to assert our own interests while building long-term relationships. It helps us to gradually initiate, manage and complete a problem-solving process in a constructive manner. And best of all: It is a method that you can use immediately.

The method used is the Harvard method that has been published in book form under the title “Getting to Yes“.


Join us for this highly interactive three-day workshop in order to increase your capacity to:

  • Connect with others
  • Build trust
  • Enhance your reputation
  • Become more influential and inspiring
  • Understand different perspectives
  • Feel centered and personally powerful
  • Negotiate win/win solutions
  • Increase your flexibility
  • Become more skillful at dealing with conflict

The Course Description

  • Knowledge of what creates and supports our ability to prevent conflict
  • Increased awareness of your own attitude and behavior in conflict situations
  • Negotiation based on methods with proven results
  • Access to a method of handling conflict and difficult conversations using direct,
  • practical training in conflict management through the Harvard model
  • A method of negotiation for both internal and external relationships
  • Self-awareness FIRO Element B
  • A simple way to manage your emotions when you or the other parties “get tough”
  • Red and green zone. Competitive or cooperative organizational culture?
  • Training in clear communication and active listening