How We Help

We help you become the most effective at work. We help by installing trusting collaboration and strengthening your ability to use valuable tools in practices.

Effective Collaboration in the Workplace

Do you know what’s it’s like to be part of an open and trusting collaboration in which everyone works in the same direction, resources are distributed properly and the problems are solved in the best interests of everyone? A workplace that provides good energy and fantastic results? If you’re willing to put the work in, we can get your there.

Strong Leadership

Do you know where the work is going and which results you want? In a leadership role, you need to be able to communicate and show the way in the workplace. Carlsen&E helps leaders and leadership groups with their personal development and collaboration. 

When a leadership group can make long-term, sustainable decisions with a high degree of transparency, better decisions and actions can be taken elsewhere in the organisation. We develop their personal leadership and support trusting collaboration on all sides.

Employee Engagement in the Workplace

Do you usually end your workday thinking, “I really got the most of out the day!”? Fully engaged workers can make miracles. Their energy and competence become focused on the goal. Everyone gives and contributes their best at everything. It requires both clear objectives and the collaboration skills to meet them. 

We help by raising the bar for collaboration skills and creating a positive and curious work environment.

Where We Help

We’ll help you where you are. There will always be places in your company where leaders, teams and employees get the best out of each other—and places where something needs to be done to release the people’s full potential. We listen to your own analysis of what you need and adapt our efforts to your particular situation. And we promise, we’ll be challenging you on the way.

Executive Leadership

Leaders at the top have the responsibility to ensure a clear and meaningful strategy. It gets done with thorough strategy work, effective communication and drive. Carlsen&E can provide clear guidance with collaboration on the strategic agenda.

Matrix Organisations

The matrix structure has innate problems. Middle managers are given more bosses, and cross-cutting strategies are blocked by silo mindsets. Carlsen&E helps you make it all come together, so customer focus, speed and innovation can thrive.


Leadership teams, project teams, teams with engineers and all others teams have strong opinions. Carlsen&E helps develop, lead and dissolve effective teams so that they can do the work they are meant to do. 

Virtual Collaboration

Collaboration often brings us into situations where we have to make calls and decisions without being in the same room. Whether your team works together at one location or remotely, Carlsen&E can help you become just as effective.

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